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Master Class

DMA2010 Master Class

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Sunday, October 10
9:00 AM -  2:35 PM
Moscone Convention Center

The Master Class is an advanced level, full-day event designed for experienced professionals in the direct marketing industry. Best Practice leaders from some of the world’s leading marketing organizations will discuss insightful and thought-provoking issues that will be applicable to all senior professionals.

The purpose of the Master Class is to provide marketers with an advanced level pre-conference intensive. Content will be visionary in nature and focus on innovative issues and will be broad enough so all professionals will take away invaluable information. All session content is vendor neutral and speakers are selected using strict criteria.

Three stimulating intensive sessions will expand your outlook on the future of direct marketing. You will leave with a deep understanding of where direct marketing is headed and how to incorporate your company in the transition.


9:00 AM – 9:05 AM         

 Kate Maddox
Kate Maddox
Executive Editor, BtoB
Crain Communications, Inc.

9:05 AM – 10:10 AM 
Keynote — a comScore Update
A Digital Year in Review – What You Need to Know Moving Ahead

The last two years represented a critical juncture in a relatively brief history of digital media; a period that was marred by the overhang of a global economic recession that had a particularly negative impact on the U.S. advertising and e-commerce markets. But it was also a period in which digital consumer activity soared, new innovations grabbed hold in the marketplace and businesses got more serious about navigating the digital landscape. In order for digital marketers to position themselves for success in the year ahead, one must begin by reflecting on what has happened over time and how the prevailing trends set the stage for 2011and beyond. Among the many questions that will be addressed in during this session include:

  • Which consumer trends dominated the digital media landscape in 2010?
  • How are people spending their digital media consumption time?
  • Which new and emerging technologies and services are capturing the attention of the marketplace?
  • What is the state of the digital advertising market?
  • How are trends in the mobile market changing the digital media landscape?

comScore’s annual Digital Review offers an overview of the prevailing trends in digital media usage during the year and considers their implications for the year ahead. This report will examine the trends in Internet usage, search activity, e-commerce, online video consumption, online advertising, and mobile, and what digital strategies will be most important for success in short term.

 Graham Mudd
Graham Mudd
VP, Media & Search
comScore, Inc.

10:10 AM – 10:20 AM
Networking Break

10:20 AM – 11:15 AM
Marketing Investment Strategies
Maximizing Your ROMI Mix
The pressure is on for marketers to spend wisely, creating marketing and sales initiatives that increase response at a lower cost. It may seem impossible, but it’s not. Marketing optimization is one way marketers can increase their return on marketing investments – and it starts with understanding customer behavior and predicting the optimal touch strategy required to create the highest long-term economic value.

In this session we will discuss how to build a marketing strategy that reaches the right customer at the right time through the right mix of channels—thus improving results while investing less. We’ll also explain how to integrate customer value, behavior, and needs data to target customers with effectiveness not available through any other means. We’ll provide several clear actions you can take immediately to begin to make more out of your marketing budget.

Onder Oguzhan
Peppers & Rogers Group
Managed Analytics

11:30 AM  – 12:45 PM   
Luncheon Keynote
The Pepsi Refresh: Brand Engagement through Social Media 

 Carol Krols
Carol Krol
DM News
Haymarket Media Inc.
 Bonin Bough
B. Bonin Bough
Global Director of Digital and Social Media

1:00 PM  – 1:50 PM       
Acquisition & Retention Spotlight
Customer Communications Management

Through personalization, automation and data-driven intelligence, today’s marketers can increase relevance, boost productivity, and deliver business-changing results from their customer communications. Hear first-hand how leading companies are leveraging Customer Communications Management as part of their integrated, multichannel customer acquisition and retention strategy.

Patrick Brand
President, Mailing Solutions Management
Pitney Bowes

1:50 PM – 2:35 PM
Integrated Media - Adjusting to Changes in Consumer Buying Behavior
Much has been made of the effect of the soft economy on producing fundamental and long lasting changes in consumer buying behavior. The Valassis presentation demonstrates that individuals’ “flight to value” – enhanced by the breadth and scope of new media – has forced marketers to rethink the ways they understand and activate the value-centric consumer.

Whether the individual is a routine purchaser, an occasional but valued customer, or a one that makes infrequent yet informed purchases, integrated media grants greater empowerment to consumers to make informed buying decisions. As media is increasingly controlled by consumers, the inclusion of online is shortening the lead time between consideration and purchase.

The number of media channels available to consumers has greatly increased, making the task of identifying how, when and where consumers find value more difficult and complex. Marketers must efficiently sort through these varied media channels to target relevant geographies, identify consumer media usage and blend the right media to produce the most effective multi-channel programming. These advancements create hyper localized media plans tailored specifically to individual consumer buying decisions.

Marketers that combine traditional and online media maximize consumer response by delivering value to each consumer segment. A plan of integrated media provides the utmost visibility, flexibility, and efficiency for national and local campaigns.

Suzie Brown
Chief Marketing Officer