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Five Relationship Marketing Best Practices

Saturday, October 9
Part I, 10:00am-12:30pm
Part II, 2:00pm-4:30pm

Sunday, October 10
Part III, 9:00am-11:15am
Part IV, 1:00-2:25pm

Rated one of the best Intensives Workshop at DMA09.

Industry pioneer Ernan Roman has updated this workshop to teach how B-to-B and B-to-C leaders like Microsoft, HMS National, Inc., and social media innovators like,, and Ford increased response by 10X and sales by 20% to 30% in this tough economy. New research findings regarding Social Media and Multichannel best practices will be provided.

Ernan will be joined by Lisa Clawson, Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft, Eric Greenberg, EVP Marketing, Life Line Screening, and Doug Stein, President, HMS National, Inc., to provide an in-depth understanding of the 5 Relationship Marketing Best Practices that will guarantee double-digit results and establish deeper, higher revenue relationships with today’s demanding customers.


  Ernan Roman, President, Ernan Roman Direct Marketing
  Lisa Clawson, Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft
  Douglas Stein, President, HMS National, Inc.
  Eric Greenberg, EVP Marketing, Life Line Screening

Part I: Best Practice 1: How to Use Voice of Customer Research to Drive Your Relationship Strategies
How to use Voice of Customer (VOC) Research to ensure that your Social Media, Multichannel, and Opt-In Relationship strategies are truly driven by the needs of your customers.

The world has changed due to the economy and Social Media. You need to ensure that your value propositions, media mix and messages are totally relevant. VOC research will provide you with the in-depth insights required to ensure optimal response and revenue.

How to design your VOC Relationship Research:

  • How to define your research Objectives and Strategies
  • Specialized questions specific to Social Media
  • Who you must include in the research
  • Key questions you need to ask

Learning Points:

  • Learn how to develop effective voice-of-customer driven strategies
  • Understand how to pre-test messaging and offers in VOC relationship research
  • Learn how to define your research sample


Part II: Best Practice 2: How to Create Powerful Opt-in Databases with Customer’s Self-Profiled Information
Learn how to engage customers so they will Opt-In and self-profile their preferences, thereby helping you create uniquely accurate and powerful Opt-In databases.

  • Differences between Opt-In and “Permission” Marketing
  • How to develop effective strategies for your Opt-In programs
  • How to create a uniquely accurate Opt-In database to drive your Relationship Marketing.

Learning Points:

  • Learn what motivates customers to Opt-In and self-profile their preferences
  • Understand what information is appropriate and not appropriate to ask
  • Learn how to deepen Opt-In relationships over time.


Part III

Best Practice 3: Improving the Power and Yield of Your Social Media and Multichannel Programs:
New VOC research findings regarding Social Media and Multichannel best practices will be provided.

  • Radical differences between traditional “push” marketing versus Social Media “engagement and conversation” marketing
  • How to use the five Principles of Social Media and Multichannel Marketing to consistently achieve double-digit response
  • Deploying at least seven components of your media mix with precision timing and synchronization

Learning Points:

  • Learn how to achieve precision integration of social and multichannel media
  • Leveraging the value and power of each component in your Social and Multichannel mix
  • Understand how to leverage pre-sale versus post-sale customer lifecycle strategies


Best Practice 4: It’s Your Responsibility as Marketers to Deliver Strong Customer Service (It’s Not Just an “Operations” Task)
Marketers need to take greater responsibility for the post-sale customer experience. Customer service quality is a marketing responsibility.

  • Customer service experiences have a profound impact on your sales and marketing efforts
  • This is a marketing issue, not an “operations” issue!
  • Nine action Items for improving your customer’s experience with your customer service call center

Learning Points:

  • Key customer service metrics for marketers
  • Understand Customer Expectations for post-sale support
  • Understand Marketing’s responsibility to improve the Customer Service experience.


Part IV: Best Practice 5: Increasing the Power of Your Web and Social Media Experiences by 9X

  • Brand new guidelines for delivering powerful Web and Social Media customer experiences which translate into significant increases in revenue and LTV
  • VOC Relationship Research findings regarding customer’s expectations for competitively differentiating Social Media and online experiences
  • Important guidelines and check-lists from best-in-class Social Media marketers:, Ford, and regarding how they increased traffic, visibility, word of mouth, and sales
  • How to leverage these learnings into:
    • 9X increase in web site visits
    • Unprecedented engagement with customers and prospects via conversations versus sales pitches
    • Powerful Word-of-Mouth referrals

Learning Points:

  • Learn how to deliver the best social media and web customer experience
  • Understand what customers expect of a value-added social media “conversation” and community experience
  • Learn proven e-marketing best practices from, Ford, and case studies

Attendees are invited to bring their strategy questions and challenges for group or individual discussion.