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Direct Marketing University

Saturday, October 9
Part I, 10:00am-12:30pm
Part II, 2:00pm-4:30pm

Sunday, October 10
Part III, 9:00am-11:15am
Part IV, 1:00-2:25pm

This fast-paced overview of the most successful direct marketing seminar in America is packed with examples to show you how to squeeze every ounce of value from your marketing budget. You’ll master the cardinal principles of direct marketing, learn what experts know about lists and targeting, combine your brand with an irresistible offer, write copy that won’t be ignored, and understand the critical elements of testing. You’ll gain years of experience in just two days.


  Beth Smith, Owner, Smith Browning Direct

Part I: Direct Marketing’s Cardinal Principles
It’s Not Advertising, It’s Sales. If you don’t master the eight cardinal principles of direct marketing, it’s virtually impossible to be successful. And here’s the tricky part – a lot of what works in direct marketing is counter-intuitive. So no matter how smart you are, your “common sense” can lead you astray. If you’re not happy with your direct marketing results, it’s time to find out what you should be doing differently.

Learning Points:

  • Avoid the most common mistakes direct marketers make
  • Learn the smart way to grow your revenue
  • Master the eight cardinal principles for direct marketing success


Part II: Creating Irresistible Offers That Get a Response
The foundation of direct marketing is the list, offer, and creative execution. “Make the right offer to the right audience at the right time” is a Golden Rule that is easier said than done. We’ll explore elements that make the offer irresistible and melt away buyer inertia. We’ll drill down into the components of an offer and show many real-life examples, including international award winners, to illustrate the advantages and caveats of offers.

Learning Points:

  • How to select the right offer for your promotions
  • How acquisition offers can impact your long-term revenue stream
  • How to merchandise your offer to get maximum response


Part III: A Marketer’s View of List Targeting, Segmentation, and Database Marketing
Many marketers spend most of their time on the creative execution, but expert direct marketers know that even the most brilliant offer or creative execution will be a failure if it’s sent to the wrong people. Navigating the world of lists, segmentation, and targeting can be like walking through a minefield – most of the mistakes made are not visible on the surface. Learn the essentials to ensure you aren’t wasting your budget.

Learning Points:

  • Find lists that will actually work and don’t just sound good
  • Targeting and segmentation can improve your ROI
  • Build long-term profits and word-of-mouth with database marketing


Part IV: Direct Marketing Creative – What Does It Take to Be Successful?
If you are the copywriter or approve creative, this session is filled with vital information for you. Do you know: what purchase drivers you should tap into; what fundamental rules you must understand to break through advertising clutter and focus attention on your offer; how to close the sale; and what to do when you’ve got one last chance to make your copy impossible to ignore before you sign off on it?

Learning Points:

  • Break through clutter and create promotions that sell
  • Take away the risk of responding
  • Evaluate and strengthen your creative